Success! The Government will respond to the #feedpeoplefirst petition

Success! Government will respond to the #feedpeoplefirst petition

4 May 2018

A massive thank you to everyone who supported the #feedpeoplefirst petition - the Government will have to respond.

Thank you so much for signing and sharing the Feed People First petition which we ran in partnership with The Grocer. Your support helped us collect an incredible 16,297 signatures which guarantee a response from the Government and show how important it is to address charitable food redistribution in the UK.

We are humbled by the backing we received for this cause over just a few weeks, especially as it is FareShare’s first public campaign. We feed over 500,000 people each week through our amazing charity partners, yet this represents just 5% of the good surplus food that goes to waste in the UK, whilst 1 in 8 people still go hungry. It is this situation - where hunger and surplus coexist - that we are seeking to address through policy and other means.

To stay updated on the outcome of the petition and the progress of the campaign, and to hear about other opportunities to fight hunger and food waste, please sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media (Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn). Once we get a response from the Government we will consider our next steps and explain how we intend to progress.

Many thanks again for giving your time to tell the Government to #feedpeoplefirst.

What an amazing #fridayfeeling - all thanks to you, Food Heroes!

Success! Government will respond to the #feedpeoplefirst petition