“The Archers” take on food waste and food poverty


4 July 2017

The world's longest running soap tackles food waste in a new storyline about a pay-as-you-feel cafe.

Residents of Ambridge have joined the fight against food waste and hunger by opening their very own pay-as-you-feel cafe, using surplus food. For those of you not in the know, Ambridge is the fictional rural setting of BBC Radio 4's long-running soap The Archers.

As well as following the everyday rural lives of Ambridge residents, the programme tackles serious contemporary social issues including drug addiction, rape in marriage and direct action against genetically modified crops. It looks like food waste and food poverty are the latest issues for the programme to take on.

In the episode aired on 27 June local campaigner Kirsty tells friend Jill that she has signed up to volunteer in the new Happy Friends Cafe. The pay-as-you-feel café turns surplus food from allotments, shops and restaurants into meals affordable for everyone, whatever their circumstances. We couldn't agree more with Jill when she says "What a good idea!".

We can't wait to see where the storyline goes next. Kirsty will always be welcome to volunteer at FareShare!

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