The FareShare Surplus with Purpose Fund unlocks surplus meat from COLLECTIVfood

29 October 2019

COLLECTIVfood were looking for a way to make sure that any meat products that were surplus to their customer’s requirements but still good to eat ended up on people’s plates.

“Meat’s a great source of protein, and, as it’s quite expensive, is particularly valued by charities — many of whom will be operating on a limited budget. The surplus meat products from COLLECTIVfood allow charities to offer their clients more variety as well as improving their diets”

Sam Lai, Commercial Officer at FareShare

They’d previously been sending the food surplus to a "food waste to energy" conversion plant, but as, the food was edible, they wanted to ensure it would be eaten by people instead.

A regular supply of fresh meat is vitally important for the charities and community groups FareShare supports.

COLLECTIVfood accessed FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose Fund, which covered the cost of transporting surplus meat from COLLECTIVfood to FareShare.
“Working with FareShare helped us to reduce our food waste a lot. Apart from doing some good and getting our products to people, it also helped us to reduce the cost of labour needed to divert the food to a conversion plant.

As a company that cares about the environment, we were keen to look into how we could redirect any surplus food to human consumption in a way that was cost-effective,  and FareShare enabled us to do that."
Tomi Sikoronja, Operations Manager, at COLLECTIVfood.

If you are a food business with surplus food, visit our giving food page, or contact foodoffers@fareshare.org.uk