The Pret Foundation provides 250,000 meals worth of food to FareShare

17 August 2020

The Pret Foundation, founded by high street chain Pret A Manger, has now provided enough food to FareShare to create 250,000 meals for vulnerable people.

“The Pret Foundation and FareShare have a long-standing relationship – we’ve been working together for almost 25 years!”

Giovanna Pasini, The Pret Foundation Manager

With the aim of alleviating poverty, hunger and homelessness, The Pret Foundation helps support charities around the world, and has redistributed over 100 tonnes of high-quality surplus food to FareShare.

“We are so grateful for your support and for sharing our mission of fighting hunger and tackling food waste” said Emma Brown, Commercial Officer at FareShare. “Thank you to Pret for sending enough surplus to FareShare to provide 250,000 meals for people in need.”

FareShare works with over 750 food partners to divert surplus food that would have otherwise been wasted to frontline charities such as homeless hostels, food banks, breakfast clubs for children and domestic violence refuges.

Thanks to the support of food partners like The Pret Foundation – we’ve reached more people than ever.

“The Pret Foundation and FareShare have a long-standing relationship – we’ve been working together for almost 25 years!” says Giovanna Pasini, The Pret Foundation Manager. “Everyone is incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved working in partnership with FareShare. It’s really important to us that as much of our unsold food as possible goes to those who need it, instead of ending up in the bin.”

One charity supported by FareShare and its food partners is the Daul Ummah Hub in London.

“We want to bring hope to our community and through the commitment and dedication of the volunteers and staff at Darul Ummah and donations from FareShare, we are able to protect the vulnerable and ensure we can provide a critical service,” says Khoyrul Shaheed, the Hub coordinator.

“We have had enormous support from various donators especially FareShare and we want to express our appreciation for their support. Their personal commitment has been incredibly helpful and has allowed us to reach many groups.”

Thank you to The Pret Foundation!

If you are a food company and would like to find out more about how to send your surplus to FareShare, please get in touch: fareshare.org.uk/giving-food/