Using food surplus to help people Eat Well for Less

Food Donation

15 June 2017

Last night, Lambhill Stables, which collects surplus food from Tesco using FareShare FoodCloud, appeared on BBC's Eat Well for Less, to talk about how the scheme benefits the community.

Located on the edge of Glasgow’s Lambhill Estate, Lambhill Stables provides arts and crafts sessions, a youth club and a bike repair shop. Its café is a hub for community events and the gardens are maintained by a group of local volunteers.

Every week, Lambhill Stables picks up a box of surplus food from their local Tesco in Maryhill – which is then transformed into sandwiches and hearty soups for volunteers and the café’s customers.

Amelia Irvine, Office Manager at Lambhill Stables explains: “We host  a wide range of volunteers from our community who come to the Stables, including those recovering from addiction, people with broader health issues and those who have perhaps lost their way a little. We also benefit from the help and assistance of folk who are just happy to come and lend a hand in the garden and seek nothing more than company and wish to just help us. No matter how or why people come to work in our garden everyone benefits, be it enhanced life and employability skills or just a good day in the garden – every little helps.

“Many of the people who live locally don’t have regular access to outside space. Families bring their children here and they can run wild. For them it’s like having an enormous back garden.

“A five minute walk away, we’ve got four acres of allotments. Either we use the fruit and veg in our café, or we sell it to local people at a low price or donation. We don’t want anyone to miss out, so if we know they can’t pay, we give it to them for nothing.

“Just as the kitchen is always the heart of a home, our café kitchen is at the heart of Lambhill. Everyone who comes in gets a warm welcome, and there’s usually a bit of banter as well. Our chef, Bjorg, makes good use of the surplus we get from Tesco – she’d be a great contestant on Ready Steady Cook. Once we had a huge bag of peppers, so that week we had stuffed peppers, and plenty of red pepper soup. Getting the food for free means we can invest what we would have spent back into our projects.”

You can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer here.