“We wanted a solution that was cost effective,” Farne Salmon explain why they partnered with FareShare

16 April 2019

“Every time the salmon goes off site and we put it in a hole in the ground it costs us money.  We wanted a solution that was cost effective, taking food out of landfill, sustaining what we make, and making money as a business.”

Andrew Oliver, Logistics Manager

Farne Salmon has been working with FareShare to divert surplus salmon to frontline charities since 2015. Previously, the company had been forced to send good quality salmon to landfill when there was surplus, incurring considerable storage costs.

Now they blast freeze their surplus and send the salmon directly to FareShare, without having to worry about storage.

That fresh salmon now reaches hundreds of frontline charities both in Scotland and across the UK, helping them create healthy, nutritious meals for the people they support. Thank you Farne Salmon!