Budget: FareShare ‘deeply disappointed’ no funding announced for food waste scheme

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27 October 2021

Reacting to today’s Budget announcement, FareShare CEO Lindsay Boswell, said:

“2 million tonnes of food is wasted on farms and in factories every year. Food waste on this scale is, quite frankly, an environmental scandal, so we’re deeply disappointed today’s budget doesn’t include a pledge to continue and extend lifeline Defra funding to tackle food waste. 

“For the relatively modest sum of £5m p.a. British farmers and food producers would have been able rescue 53m meals’ worth of fresh, nutritious food, and get it to frontline charities instead. Now that good quality, edible food is at risk of being wasted – ploughed back into fields or thrown into biogas digesters.

“Food waste within the supply chain accounts for 6% of UK emissions, so if we are to achieve our Net Zero ambitions then tackling food waste must be an urgent priority. We’re extremely grateful for the support we’ve received on this issue from MPs on both sides of the house. In the weeks and months after COP, we urge government to work with us and with the food industry, to ensure farmers and food producers are no longer penalised for doing the right thing with their surplus food – so we can save good food from waste and get it on to people’s plates.”

FareShare CEO Lindsay Boswell