FareShare urgently need volunteer drivers to get food onto the plates of vulnerable people

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27 August 2021

The entire UK food industry is struggling with a shortage of HGV drivers, a crisis that will also impact the lives of vulnerable families across the UK. The ongoing shortage of HGV drivers and haulage capacity continues to have a significant impact on the amount of food FareShare can redistribute with the equivalent of up to half a million meals not getting to people who need it most.

FareShare would normally expect to receive an estimated 125 tonnes of food each day, but due to the ongoing issues are currently only receiving about 100 tonnes per day. Thousands of families across the UK depend on the ability of charities like FareShare, the UK’s largest food redistribution charity, to provide good-to-eat food via their network of charities.

Lindsay Boswell, CEO, FareShare said: “It is disappointing and frustrating for FareShare not to be able to redistribute all the good-to-eat surplus food we are offered, because of the ongoing issues facing the haulage industry.”

“We estimate that up to 30% of the food we would normally expect to receive into our warehouses on an average day, is at risk of not reaching us, and therefore not reaching the vulnerable people we support. We continue to work closely with our food partners and our network, to mitigate the impact this is having on FareShare’s service to our charity network.”

“FareShare is used to dealing with fluctuations in the amount of surplus food received from the food industry each week, and the charities we serve are used to making allowances for changes in the quantity and type of food they receive.”

“We remain keen to receive all offers of food and are working hard to find alternative solutions, including, for example, co-ordinating local collections through our regional centres. FareShare is grateful for the continuing support of its hauliers and all its food partners and from everyone across the food industry, who continue to divert their good-to-eat surplus food to us, despite any logistical difficulties, so that we can redistribute it through our network of 10,500 charities to those most in need."

FareShare is working on solutions and recruiting more volunteer delivery drivers is key. To register your interest in becoming a volunteer driver with FareShare visit fareshare.org.uk/volunteering