Nestlé donates 650,000 bowls of cereal to FareShare

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7 September 2020

Nestlé Cereals is helping those in need start the day with a bowl of cereal.

“At Nestlé Cereals we think that breakfast is an important way to start the day and our green banner cereals contain whole grain as the number one ingredient, giving a tasty meal for families to enjoy.”

Nestlé Cereals has donated 650,000 bowls of cereal, including Shredded Wheat, to FareShare.

The donation from the cereal giant amounts to £45,000 worth of cereals throughout August and September and will go to help families in food poverty across the UK.

Nestlé Cereals Vice President Gharry Eccles said: "We are proud to be able to donate cereals to continue to support those struggling to afford to eat. It is sadly a fact that many people's access to even basic food has been worsened by this crisis and food poverty looks set to be a growing issue in the UK & Ireland while we recover from the economic shock of COVID-19.

Nestlé Cereals already support FareShare, and this additional donation is to plug the gap for families struggling this summer. They will continue to donate boxes for the rest of the year.

FareShare CEO Lindsay Boswell said: "We're working with breakfast clubs, food banks, pantries and community centres across the country to get good food onto the plates of those who are most vulnerable. Millions more families will be struggling in the wake of the pandemic, and we're enormously grateful to Nestle for their generous donation at this critical time."