Tesco’s food waste figures show 150% increase in charity redistribution

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12 May 2017

Tesco have today released their annual food waste figures, showing that the amount of good quality, in-date surplus food redistributed to charities increased from 2,303 tonnes to 5,700 tonnes — almost 150%.

FareShare Chief Executive Lindsay Boswell, said: “Yet again Tesco need to be congratulated on their transparency around food waste. It’s often said that what can’t be measured can’t be improved, and the fact that we’ve seen a 150% increase in good quality surplus food being sent to charities who need it proves that measurement really does work. We’re delighted that Tesco are committed to doing the right thing with their surplus food and feeding people first.”

Overall, the proportion of food waste against the total weight of food products sold in Tesco’s UK stores was 0.5% in 2016/17.

Tesco’s Community Food Connection scheme, in partnership with FareShare and Irish social enterprise FoodCloud, enables charities to pick up surplus food from their local Tesco. Currently 4,834 charities and community groups have signed up to the scheme, and it is expected that by the end of the year Community Food Connection will have been rolled out to every UK store, putting it on track to redistribute over 11,700 tonnes next year.

As well as this, Tesco also redistribute their surplus food from other channels such as  Distribution Centres through FareShare’s UK network of 20 Regional Centres, which deliver it to frontline local charities who transform it into nutritious meals for the vulnerable people they support. These charities include homeless shelters, women’s refuges and breakfast clubs for disadvantaged children.

Find out more about how we work with Tesco to redistribute their surplus food here.