We’re stronger together – thank you for helping to support vulnerable families across the UK

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29 October 2020

We’ve been overwhelmed with the amazing support that our ambassador Marcus Rashford has helped galvanise over the last week and in the past six months. 

From messages from people touched by Marcus’s campaigning across the world, to the offering of food and funding from food partners and retailers – we want to thank each and every person and organisation that continues to support the important work of fighting child hunger   

When lockdown first hit in March, FareShare experienced a challenge unlike nothing the organisation had seen before. As demand for food increased threefold, FareShare’s team of dedicated staff and volunteers responded almost overnight by distributing, at the peak of the crisis, the equivalent of more than 3 million meals a week. 

With the generous support from you, the food industry and international stars such as Marcus Rashford - who spearheads the #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY task force - we will now be able to provide an additional 6 million meals to vulnerable children and families through this difficult and uncertain time. 

Community centres, youth projects, foodbanks and schools are just some of the projects supported by FareShare’s network serving the length and breadth of the UK; and they need our support now more than ever, with 90 percent of the charities we serve saying that demand for food will increase or remain the same as crisis levels this winter. 

Boosted by our partners and supporters, we continue to work closely with the food industry to distribute over 800 tonnes of good food each week, getting it onto the plates of those who need it most  

As we navigate a difficult and uncertain winter, it’s more important than ever that we continue to come together and support those who need it most.  

Thank you.