Office Drop and FareShare partner to get more fresh fruit to London charities

30th May 2018

Officedrop and FareShare partnership, fruit

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Office Drop to provide a regular supply of fresh fruit to the hundreds of charities we support in London. As of May 2018, Office Drop has committed to deliver 40 boxes of fresh fruit to our London Regional Centre every week, providing a much needed and reliable source of produce.

FareShare London will redistribute the fruit boxes to the 250 frontline charities they support across the Capital, including school breakfast clubs for children, lunch clubs for older people and homeless hostels.

Being able to access a reliable source of fruit is vitally important for the frontline charities FareShare supports, enabling them to provide nutritious meals and snacks to the vulnerable people accessing their services, many of whom would otherwise not be able to access fresh fruit and vegetables on a regular basis.

Colin Burcombe, Commercial Manager at FareShare says, “We are thrilled to be working with Office Drop. The ability to access a steady stream of fresh fruit is so important for FareShare and the frontline charities we support. Thanks to this partnership FareShare London will have a great supply of produce that will enable them to meet the needs of the local charities who always in need of more fruit.”

Ben Thompson, Managing Director of Officedrop, commented, “We already support a number of charities by donating fruit on an ad hoc basis, but we are delighted to be able to support FareShare with this more structured approach of regular weekly donations.  Our donations will include over 100,000 pieces of fresh fruit each year.  We look forward to a long-term relationship with FareShare and over time, expanding this initiative to other cities where we both have operations.”


If you’re a food company and would like to work with FareShare to get your surplus food to people in need, please get in touch [email protected]


“We are delighted to be able to support FareShare with this more structured approach of regular weekly donations. Our donations will include over 100,000 pieces of fresh fruit each year.”

Ben Thompson, Managing Director of Officedrop


29th May 2018

FareShare’s Annual Figures for 2017/18 announced

FareShare has made enormous strides in our work fighting hunger and food waste this year. We saved an astonishing 16,992 tonnes of food from going to waste. The nutritious, good quality surplus food was enough for 36.7 million meals. It’s an amazing result, particularly given that 1 in 8 people live in poverty in the UK.


28th May 2018

UK still way behind France in putting surplus food to good use

In support of World Hunger Day, the UK’s largest food redistribution charity, FareShare, said that over 600 million meals’ worth of good surplus food is still being wasted every year. In its 2017/18 figures, out today, the amount of quality surplus food FareShare saved from food manufacturers, processors and farmers has increased by 25%, from 13,552 to 16,992 tonnes. This extra food goes to 10,000 frontline charities, 3,000 more than the year before; and the number of people FareShare food helped to feed has increased by 59%, from 484,000 to 772,000 people every week.


16th May 2018

Faces of FareShare – Kirsty Walsh, Merseyside and the Wirral

Meet FareShare’s Merseyside Business Development Manager.