Corporate volunteering in Brighton

28th January 2014


Sodexo employee Annemarie spent the day volunteering at FareShare Brighton & Hove. Sodexo are one of the world’s largest food services and facilities management companies. Here Annemarie shares her experience of the day.

FareShare Corporate Partner Sodexo“I volunteered to spend the day at the FareShare depot in Brighton and hoped I would be of some use to the regular but small team there.

“Nathan, the project manager and the rest of the guys made both myself and a colleague from Corporate Services feel very welcome and conducted a Health and Safety demonstration before we were allowed to do anything.Then we got stuck in with trying to help pick and pack the orders/deliveries, 12 that day, out of 52 hostels, food banks etc that they provide to, in and around the South Coast.

“Whilst trying to keep up with the slick organisation that they had in place, I was astounded at the quality of the food we were packing, fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs and lean quality meat and fish as well as tinned staples. Most fresh items had two or three days date before their ‘use by’ but since the deliveries were destined for lunch/dinner that day, there were certainly no issues around the food being past its best.

“The other volunteers, some very long standing, came from all walks of life but each had in some way and at some time, directly benefited from what FareShare did and continue to do.”

“Extraordinary, insightful and humbling”

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