Happy St George’s Day!

23rd April 2018

Brushstrokes Community Centre

FareShare has 15 Regional Centres across England, who support charities feeding 280,000 people every week.

On St George’s Day we’re celebrating the great work that our 15 Regional Centres are doing in England.

The combined efforts of FareShare East Anglia, FareShare East Midlands, FareShare Greater Manchester, FareShare Hull & Humber, FareShare Kent, FareShare Lancashire & Cumbria, FareShare London, FareShare Merseyside, FareShare North East, FareShare South West, FareShare Southern Central, FareShare Sussex, FareShare Thames Valley, FareShare West Midlands and FareShare Yorkshire have so far in 2018 supplied nutritious, balanced food to 2,722 charities and community groups, feeding 280,000 people every week.

In this time, the 15 English Regional Centres redistributed 2,600 tonnes of food – enough for 6.2 million meals – including:

  • 570 tonnes fruit and veg
  • 440 tonnes dairy
  • 300 tonnes meat and fish
  • 130 tonnes breakfast products and bread

FareShare stats in England in 2018

Supporting the most vulnerable people

One of the 2,700 charities and community organisations supported by FareShare Regional Centres in England is Brushstrokes Community Project in Birmingham, who receive food from FareShare West Midlands. Meals they provide are a lifeline to people fleeing war, persecution or domestic violence, of which they support about 1,000. Many people arrive at Brushstrokes with very little, so the meals made with surplus food can be the boost they need to start rebuilding their life.

“Just today a woman came in with her nine year old little girl. She had a letter saying she was no longer eligible for state funding. She had no money and no food, so luckily we had FareShare food available which we could give to her and her child – potatoes, eggs, bread, milk and fruit – all universally recognised and healthy foods which would keep them going.”

Teresa Clements, Project Manager at Brushstrokes Community Project 

How you can help

1 in 8 people across the UK are struggling to put food on the table. We think that is unacceptable, especially when so much good food is going to waste. We need your help to fight hunger and food waste today. £1 is enough to help deliver food for 4 meals. It’s the generosity and commitment of supporters like you that helps bring FareShare’s mission to life.

Set up a regular or one-off donation, or send a text message to make a gift to make a difference to people’s lives today: text FARE18 and the amount you would like to donate to 70070 (e.g. FARE18 £10). It will help us deliver more food to frontline charities and community groups like Brushstrokes Community Project who provide food and support to the most vulnerable people.


“When we work with asylum seekers, many of them can wait a long time to hear back from the home office – some for over two years.

Being able to give these people FareShare food can enable them to have a balanced diet and reasonably good standard of nutrition, compared to when we could only offer them tinned food.

FareShare helps us keep the most marginalised people supported.”

Teresa Clements, Project Manager at Brushstrokes Community Project 


31st May 2018

Free sanitary products project extended in Scotland

People from low-income households across Scotland will be able to receive free sanitary products from FareShare. Following the successful pilot in Aberdeen, FareShare will receive over £500,000 to distribute sanitary products with the aim of reaching an estimated 18,800 more people.


17th April 2018

FareShare CEO speaks at Waste Not Want Not panel at Food & Drink Expo 2018

FareShare CEO Lindsay Boswell took part in a panel discussion Waste Not Want Not at the Food & Drink Expo in Birmingham today. Watch the full broadcast recorded with Facebook Live.


8th March 2018

International Women’s Day: celebrating the women of FareShare

On International Women’s Day we celebrate the achievements of key female staff helping to run the FareShare networks. Women are key figures in 10 out of 21 of the FareShare Regional Centres across the UK, managing complicated logistical operations that guarantee the success of our mission.