Stuart’s story

21st January 2014

[half]Stuart had been unemployed for five years and when he hit “rock bottom” and was forced to sleep on the streets in central London with all his possessions in a rucksack.  He was taken in by Simon Community, a charity which provides outreach services to the homeless and one of FareShare’s Community Food Members.

Knowing what it was like to be homeless and having someone reach out and take care of him, Stuart decided to return the favour by volunteering at Simon Community.  He says “Simon Community looked after me and I thought to myself it’s time I did something for them.”[/half][half_last]

Case Study: Stuart, FareShare volunteer

[/half_last]Enjoying what he was doing at Simon Community, Stuart asked about volunteering at FareShare and started here in October 2011. He helps out in the depot, loading the van and especially likes being part of the food deliveries.

[quote]“It’s so great to see people’s faces light up when they see the food being unloaded, people from all walks of life are being helped by FareShare.”  [/quote]

Stuart has received training as a fork lift driver at FareShare and has recently received his certificate, going on to secure employment as a fork lift driver during the London 2012 games. Stuart has a number of medical problems, including a degenerative disc in his lower spine, which all affect his mobility but which are not serious enough for him to be registered as disabled.

When he’s not at FareShare, Stuart is at Simon Community, cooking, helping with the tea run and soup kitchen.  On the weekends he single-handedly prepares his famous sausage and vegetable casserole, feeding up to 300 hungry individuals.

Stuart is also a Trustee of Simon Community.

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