Taking 10 with…Eva

30 July 2014

Eva has volunteered with FareShare London since the early days in 2004. From friendships, to non-dairy cheese, to social conscience, she shares her volunteering experiences with us here.

Role at FareShare: Evening shift sorting and picking food.

Why FareShare? Just after I moved to London, I was looking for a volunteering opportunity related to homelessness that I could fit around my day job. In fact, Fareshare supports a host of extremely valuable projects for a range of people in need, not just the homeless, as I soon learned.

What was FareShare like in 2004? It’s always been a friendly place, which is one of the reasons I’ve kept coming back. It was smaller and less organised back then!

What motivates you to stay with FareShare? It’s doing a valuable and valued job. And the old cliche of giving something back is true: I work in financial services as my day job, so I enjoy being involved with a charity which helps people – maybe as a salve to my social conscience!

Sometimes it’s as simple as the enjoyment of being able to see the difference you can make in a few hours in the warehouse, picking the next day’s deliveries or sorting pallets of food into stacks of carrots, ham, ready meals etc The Wednesday night volunteer shift is pretty long-standing too, and it’s good to work in a familiar group.

What’s the strangest or most unusual food you’ve seen at FareShare? Non-dairy cheese. A huge fat tube of it.

What’s your favourite food? Hard to pick one! Cheese, pasta, good bread, anything with chillies in…Eva George 2Eva George 3Eva with fellow volunteers.