The Unplateables…wonky vegetables need love too!

12 February 2016

Friday 12 February 2016

“We deserve love too. Help us find our dish.” #Unplateables

“We deserve love too. Help us find our dish.” #Unplateables

With Valentine’s Day this weekend, we’re calling on the public to give wonky fruit and vegetables the love they deserve.

At FareShare, we take good quality products including wonky veg, which is turned into delicious meals for people in need.

Rather than treating wonky produce as the ‘ugly sisters’ on supermarket shelves, we want all fruit and vegetables getting the love they deserve because it’s the taste, not the shape, that counts.

With millions of people in poverty, does it really matter, whether something is a bit blemished or a bit misshapen? We think not, and believe it’s more important to feed hungry people first.

If you’re a fresh produce company, please get in touch with our Food Team to chat about how we can use your surplus stock.

If you love food and hate seeing food being wasted, then celebrate the #unplateables and support FareShare. £1 can help us provide food, including #unplateables, for 4 meals. Donate now.

Let’s make ugly produce normal and love their imperfections.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Let’s celebrate and

Love the wonky veg too


Image credit: Greenpeace