Tips for reducing food waste

At FareShare we do everything we can to ensure no good food goes to waste taking good to eat surplus food and delivering it to over 11,000 charities across the UK. Check out our practical tips for reducing food waste at home:

  1. Don’t buy more than you need, and keep track of what’s in your fridge. It won’t just help you reduce your food waste – it will save you money too.
  2. Always check the use-by dates of food when you buy it. Use-by dates are about food safety, so these are the dates to pay attention to. Only buy something if you know you’ll have the time to eat it before it goes off.
  3. Planning is key! Plan your meals for the week ahead, and don’t forget to think about how you’re going to use up the leftovers.
  4. Check your fridge temperature. It should be between 0-5°C. Some foods, especially dairy products, will go off much quicker if it’s warmer.
  5. Use your leftovers. Not sure how to use your leftover food? Try looking up new recipes online. Apps like Afoodible can help you create delicious meals using ingredients you already have in your fridge.
  6. Freeze it! Parboil and freeze left over veg, or spend a bit of time batch cooking meals to freeze in individual portions at the weekends. That way you’ll always have something delicious to eat, and nothing gets wasted.