UK roll out of FareShare FoodCloud

7 March 2016

Getting surplus food direct from local stores to charities for free

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Friday – Southampton and Swansea:

Friday was the last leg of the week’s programme of activities, with two events taking place. In Swansea chefs Bruce and Mike were fantastic and really engaged with the charities who turned up to see delicious meals being cooked with surplus food. In Southampton, Tesco CEO Dave Lewis and FareShare CEO Lindsay Boswell officially launched the roll out of FareShare FoodCloud across Tesco stores, with media present at the event.

It’s been a great week. 500 charities and community groups are now benefiting from FareShare FoodCloud and we are looking for more. Interested projects can register their interest here.

Thursday – Birmingham:

Another day, another great event launching FareShare FoodCloud in another city. Today, like previous days, some charities who do amazing work in their community attended the cookery demonstration. We met fab people like Norren and Cameron from POD Nechells, Ruth from Brushstrokes and Chris and Katy from Complete Kids, all charities who work hard to support vulnerable people in and around Birmingham.

Wednesday – Manchester:

FareShare FoodCloud has gotten to a flying start in Manchester; before the official launch on Wednesday, 72 charities and community groups were signed up to receive food from Tesco stores. The event was a great opportunity for representatives from Tesco, FareShare and local charities to meet and see chef Adam Palmer create more delicious meals. The Lemon Curd Hot Cross pudding in particular was well-received and much enjoyed!

Tuesday – Newcastle:

Tuesday was the turn of Newcastle where no fewer than 21 @Tesco_North stores are making much-needed food accessible to 57 charities and community groups. The sun shone on guests as they arrived to hear from Mark Smith from the Tesco Gateshead store and Barry, FareShare FoodCloud Project Coordinator, about the initiative. Tony Duffy from the Oasis Cafe spoke about the benefits to his project of receiving food from the Gateshead store.

Adam Palmer, chef extraordinaire, again cooked up a storm to show how easy it is to create nutritious meals with good surplus food. Thank you to everyone who took part!

Monday – Edinburgh:

We had a great turnout on Monday on board the Vine Trust barge at Leith Docks. Chef Adam Palmer created tasty meals to demonstrate what can be done with surplus food from stores. We were very happy to see so many charities attend to learn about the potential of FareShare FoodCloud. Seven Tesco stores in Edinburgh are currently making surplus food available to 23 charities. Any charity or community group wishing to sign up can register their interest by completing the form on the right! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Monday 7 March 09.00:

chatting about the food web

This week we’re excited to take part in a series of cookery demonstrations hosted by Tesco to mark the roll out of FareShare FoodCloud to 125 stores across the UK.

The events are taking place in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Swansea and Southampton, some of the first cities to benefit from FareShare FoodCloud.

The scheme links charities and community projects with their local Tesco store who has surplus food at the end of the day.

Hosted by a professional chef, the free events aim to demonstrate how charities can best use surplus food from Tesco, offering recipe inspiration and tips on how to make the most of various ingredients.

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If you are a charity, click here to find out more and register your interest.

FareShare FoodCloud

FareShare FoodCloud offers the leading store level solution and enables good surplus food to be redistributed directly to frontline organisations, leading to a reduction in waste and more people being fed.

FareShare FoodCloud ensures that charities and community groups are safely matched with a suitable Tesco store and that they are fully supported in getting the most out of their local collections.  Tesco has invested significantly in the people and technology required to deliver a reliable and well managed programme. Together we hope to share our learnings so that FareShare can then help others to adapt the solution to meet their needs.

FareShare has partnered with Tesco and Irish social enterprise FoodCloud to develop this new scheme bringing together technology and the on the ground support required to deliver a simple and safe solution.

FareShare brings its unique knowledge of the UK charity food redistribution market and its experience of providing food as well as the support required to deliver a simple and safe solution. FoodCloud brings its knowledge of the technology and online applications needed to connects businesses that have surplus food to charities in their community.

Tesco and FareShare are seeking 5,000 charities to sign up to take part by the end of 2016. If you’re a charity or community group that uses food to support people, you can register your interest in collecting good quality food through FareShare FoodCloud  – for free. Just complete and submit the form on the right.


News: Brand new scheme FareShare FoodCloud to be piloted in Tesco stores to send unsold food that can be used to charities rather than be wasted