Waitrose is latest retailer to trial FareShare FoodCloud

13th January 2017

27 January 2017

We are delighted to announce that UK retailer Waitrose is strengthening its commitment to reducing food waste by launching a trial with FareShare FoodCloud this month.

Waitrose is the second retailer to sign up to the programme, which was developed in collaboration with Tesco in 2015. The success of that trial saw the scheme, which features FoodCloud technology,  being rolled out to 1550 Tesco stores and, to date, has now secured more than 4,800 partnerships with local community groups and more than five million meals redistributed to people in need.

The FareShare FoodCloud programme enables branches of Tesco, and now Waitrose, to inform local charities of surplus food which is available for collection. Stores input details of available food into the FoodCloud app, and connected charities receive a text alert to which they can reply, confirming that they are able to collect the items mentioned. Charities which benefit from the service support people with differing needs such as social isolation, homelessness, mental health issues and food poverty, amongst others.

Initially, there will be a trial in 25 Waitrose branches, and if successful, the scheme will then be expanded over 12 months to all Waitrose stores throughout the UK. By linking every branch with local charities as part of the FareShare FoodCloud scheme, more charities will be able to receive more food, more easily. The programme with FareShare ensures only groups who can safely collect, store and prepare food are linked with a local retail outlet. This guarantees all Waitrose surplus food will go to organisations properly equipped to provide meals to vulnerable communities.

As well as working with the FareShare FoodCloud programme, Waitrose is increasing its commitment to minimising surplus food, by providing training for all its employees on food waste reduction.

Lindsay Boswell, FareShare UK CEO, said:

“We are excited to be starting the year with an expansion to our store-level programme that enables forward thinking retailers like Waitrose to redistribute surplus food quickly to charities in their local community. Waitrose is demonstrating real commitment to tackling surplus food waste and I invite other retailers to follow their lead and find out how FareShare FoodCloud programme could work to benefit their business and local communities.”
If you’re a charity or community group interested in being kept informed about accessing food from Waitrose stores once the programme is live, or would like to be signed up with your nearest Tesco stores, please

Visit : http://fareshare.org.uk/fareshare-foodcloud/