5 minutes with Adam on 15 years at FareShare

9 February 2017

9 February 2017

Staff member of FareShare Yorkshire preparing surplus food redistribution
Adam gets to work redistributing surplus food at FareShare Yorkshire.

We caught up with one of our longest serving members of staff, Adam Bramley, who will be celebrating his 15 years of service with FareShare Yorkshire on 11 February!

To thank Adam for his contribution over all these years, we interviewed him to get a glimpse of his experience, from starting as a work placement through to his current role as FareShare Yorkshire’s Regional Centre Manager.


When did you start at FareShare? 

“I started at FareShare on a work placement as a warehouse operative in 2002, when Kath Elliott (now Director of Operations) was the Assistant Manager. This was my first job in a warehouse environment and I felt was a new opportunity to work for a relatively new charity – Crisis FareShare South Yorkshire which started four years previously.”

What have you achieved since you started?

“I was a warehouse operative until taking up the role of managing a ‘spoke’ operation in Kirklees in 2004 for a year. When I returned to Barnsley I took on the role of Warehouse Coordinator and worked with the now familiar names of Steve Hayes and John Rick.

In 2014 I was appointed to Regional Centre Manager with responsibility for managing the day to day operation of Fareshare Yorkshire. In the first year of this role, I supported the relocation of the charity to a new Regional Centre as well as the opening of a Sub Regional Centre in Leeds.

As FareShare Yorkshire is a Training Centre, I was able to complete my level 3 QCF in Warehousing and Storage and I am now working on my Level 5 qualification.”

What keeps you motivated in your role at FareShare?

“The opportunity to work with lots of different people and volunteers who all have the same goal of making sure we deliver lots of great food to lots of charities in our area.

Plus plenty of cups of tea with extra milk!!”

What major changes have you witnessed in 15 years time?

“Essentially the job hasn’t changed that much – we receive as much food as we can and redistribute it to where it is needed.

The change is the increased amount of food and the growing need for what we do. 15 years ago, the aim of Crisis FareShare South Yorkshire was to Fight Hunger and today that is still the aim of what we do.”