We continue a full national operation to get food to vulnerable people during the Covid-19 crisis.


Give a hot meal

Shockingly, even at Christmas, millions of people are just scraping by — without enough food for them or their family. FareShare takes good quality, in date surplus food that would otherwise have been wasted, and redistributes it to frontline charities.


Summer should be a time of fun and excitement for children, but for many this is not the case. To help combat the issue of Holiday Hunger, FareShare’s #ActiveAte programme is supplying food to over 400 holiday projects this summer, providing nutritious meals and snacks for approximately 50,000 children across the UK.


Daily coffee? Pricey meal deal? Taxi habit?

Give something up, or start something new. Donate what you've saved (or raised) to FareShare and help get nutritious meals onto the plates of vulnerable people.

£20 will help create 80 hot meals for people in need.