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Get in touch with our national team to discuss how you can join the fight against hunger and food waste.

FareShare UK

Unit 7 Deptford Trading Estate
Blackhorse Road
London SE8 5HY

Food companies interested in working with us

Food Team
T: 020 7064 8911
E: [email protected]


FareShare Go Charity Support Centre

Support for charities on collecting food donations from local stores
T: 0131 608 0967
E: [email protected]
Our lines are open Monday-Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 6pm-9pm and Sunday and Bank Holidays 2pm-9pm.

Organisations interested in receiving food

If you are interested in receiving food please complete our registration of interest form on our Getting Food page.

Media enquiries

Out-of-hours (evenings and weekend) number for media enquiries only – 07415 241 328

Media and PR Manager
Jen Glyn
T: 020 7394 2460
M: 07415 241 328
E: [email protected]

Regional Press and PR Manager
Christie Garratt
T: 020 7394 2476
M: 07415 241 328
E: [email protected]

Fundraising enquiries

Corporate Fundraising
T: 020 7064 8921
E: [email protected] or

Trusts Fundraising
T: 0207 064 8924
E: [email protected]

Volunteering enquiries

E: [email protected]
If you are interested in volunteering please complete our application form on our Volunteer page.

General enquiries

T: 020 7394 2468
E: [email protected]