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Get in touch with our national team to discuss how you can join the fight against hunger and food waste.

FareShare UK

Unit 7 Deptford Trading Estate
Blackhorse Road
London SE8 5HY

Food companies interested in working with us

Food Team
T: 020 7064 8911
E: [email protected]


FareShare Go Charity Support Centre

Support for charities on collecting food donations from local stores
T: 0131 608 0967
E: [email protected]
Our lines are open Monday-Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 6pm-9pm and Sunday and Bank Holidays 2pm-9pm.

Organisations interested in receiving food

If you are interested in receiving food please complete our registration of interest form on our Getting Food page.

Media enquiries

Media and PR Manager
Jen Glyn
T: 020 7394 2460
M: 07415 241 328
E: [email protected]

Regional Press and PR Manager
Christie Garratt
T: 020 7394 2476
M: 07415 241 328
E: [email protected]

Fundraising enquiries

Corporate Fundraising
T: 020 7064 8921
E: [email protected] or

Trusts Fundraising
T: 0207 064 8924
E: [email protected]

Volunteering enquiries

If you are interested in volunteering please complete our application form on our Volunteer page.

General enquiries

T: 020 7394 2468
E: [email protected]