Fullgreen supports FareShare’s mission for good nutrition

3 September 2019

Fullgreen, the UK’s leading provider of shelf stable Vegi Rice donated several crates of their best-selling Cauli & Broccoli Vegi Rice this summer, supporting FareShare’s drive to deliver nutritious meals to 50,000 children across the UK.

Passionate about providing a unique (and easy) way for people to eat more veg, Fullgreen chime perfectly with ActiveAte’s mission to provide healthy options for kids and the Vegi rice went down a treat at the UK centres where it was used as a delicious side dish.

Fullgreen are committed to providing fresh and simple options to consumers to help them lead healthier lifestyles. The veggies are washed, chopped and steamed in the pouch so the cauliflower rice, broccoli rice and sweet potato rice retain their goodness whilst staying naturally lower in carbs and calories. Bonus fact – it’s ready to eat in just 2.5 minutes! Great for busy families on the go…

Shula Granville, Commercial Manager at FareShare, said: “We are very thankful for Fullgreen’s donation of Vegi rich which was gratefully received by the charities and community groups we support. Fresh fruit and veg is incredibly valuable to our charities, particularly those supporting children and families as it gives them access to nutritious and well-balanced meals.”