Donate in memory

Donating or fundraising in memory of a loved one is meaningful way to remember them – paying tribute to their life and helping others at the same time. We are always very touched and grateful to receive these donations.

How to donate in memory of a loved one

Make a donation in someone’s name

If you would like to simply make a donation to FareShare in someone’s name you can do so online. Please remember to say that you are donating in their memory, and to include some information about that person if you wish.

Set up an online collection page

When someone you love passes away, you may want to organise an online collection for a charity they cared about as a way to celebrate their life.

As well as raising money, an online collection page gives people the chance to share their memories of that person and to offer their condolences. You can set up an online collection page to donate to FareShare in someone’s memory on Just Giving.

Collecting donations at a funeral or memorial service

Collecting donations at a funeral or memorial will help FareShare make a lasting difference in memory of your loved one. You might choose to do this by asking for donations instead of flowers.

If you would like to send the proceeds of a collection made in memory of someone by post, you should make cheques payable to FareShare and send them to Fundraising, FareShare, Unit 7 Deptford Trading Estate, Blackhorse Road, London, SE8 5HY.

You can also pay in the donations online. Please don’t forget to say you are donating in memory.

If you would rather not deal with cash or cheques at the funeral or memorial service but would still like to hold a collection in memory of your loved one an online collection page is a convenient way to do this. Some people choose to add a link to the online collection page to the order of service, so that family members and friends can find it easily.