Giving food

Diverting your surplus food to frontline charities is much easier than you think

FareShare has 25 years’ experience working with the food industry to safely divert edible surplus through our UK-wide network of frontline charities fighting food poverty.

We’ll work with you to get your food to good causes in a way that’s cost effective and makes sense for your business.

FareShare fund to help food partners get surplus food to charity

FareShare can help you unlock even more surplus food from your operations using grant funding that we have received from DEFRA.

Using the grant we are now able to help food companies with the costs associated with reducing waste and redistributing surplus food.

Working with FareShare enables you to make progress towards achieving your commitments under the WRAP/IGD Food Waste Reduction Roadmap to Target – Measure – Act to reduce your food waste, it:

  • Allows businesses to measure and report consistently and with confidence
  • Helps food businesses take targeted action to reduce waste in their own operations, their supply chain and from consumers
  • Helps the food sector deliver against Courtauld 2025 targets
  • Helps the UK deliver its part in Sustainable Development Goal 12.3

Work with FareShare to ensure your surplus is used to feed vulnerable people, rather than go into anaerobic digestion, animal feed or landfill.

Please complete the form on the right, email us or call us so that we are able to talk to you about how to participate in the programme.

Are you missing opportunities to identify surplus food that could be redistributed to charities?

Book a ‘waste walk’ with a member of FareShare’s experienced food team. We’ll visit your site/sites, map out areas where surplus could occur, and work with you to put together a plan to manage it.

To book a waste walk contact the food team at [email protected].

Support FareShare this summer

If you want to donate food to our Holiday Hunger campaign, please Support FareShare This Summer.

The Food We Take

Surplus food can occur in your business for a wide range of reasons, and we are here to help when it does.
Find out about the food we can take

Retailer Authorisations

FareShare South West

FareShare has authorisation from all major retailers to redistribute their own label products made by manufacturers.
Find out which retailers authorise their products to be sent to FareShare

How We Look After Your Food

How We Look After Your Food

Food safety, full traceability and compliance is at the core of the FareShare operating model.
Find out how we look after your food

Who We Work With

who we work with

We work with over 500 food companies, from suppliers and manufacturers to retailers, to redistribute their surplus for social good.
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How We Use Your Food

how we use your food

Once your food is received into one of our UK-wide warehouses, it will be stored, sorted and distributed to charities in the local area.
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How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Our step-by-step framework designed to help you embed food redistribution in your company’s processes.
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Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Our dedicated Food Team has a wealth of industry experience. Find out who they are and how they can help turn your surplus food into social good.
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