We continue a full national operation to get food to vulnerable people during the Covid-19 crisis.

Book a Waste Walk

Are you missing opportunities to identify surplus food that could be redistributed to charities?

Book a free ‘waste walk’ with a member of FareShare’s experienced food team. We’ll visit your site/sites, map out areas where surplus could occur, and work with you to put together a plan to manage it.

What happens on the waste walk?

As part of the visit, we will aim to understand the volume and frequency of your surplus and begin to agree what is within scope for FareShare to redistribute. We will cover:

  • Ingredient storage
  • Production
  • Packaging
  • Finished product
  • Warehouse stock

Your business could be eligible for up to £50,000 worth of funding (greater sums can be negotiated where appropriate for high volumes of surplus food) to cover any additional costs associated with redistributing food, via the FareShare Surplus with Purpose Fund.

FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose Fund

Find out if your business is eligible for funding to cover any additional costs associated with redistributing food.