Meet the team

Our dedicated Food Team can work with you to achieve the most cost and time effective solution for dealing with your unsold food, enabling your business to use your surplus food for social good.

Get in touch with them on [email protected] or 020 7064 8911.

Mark Varney

Director of Network Development

Meet The Team: Mark Varney, FareShare Director of Network Development

Mark leads the team responsible for FareShare’s partnerships with the food industry, and supporting FareShare’s network of 21 Regional Centres to provide food to our charity members.
He led the development of the innovative FareShare Food Efficiency Framework, which was launched in 2016, and represents FareShare at a number of cross-industry working groups on Food Waste Prevention.

Mark joined FareShare in 2012. Prior to that he was Head of Commercial Relations (Food and Beverage) at The Fairtrade Foundation, leading Fairtrade’s engagement with manufacturers, brand owners and retailers in the UK food and drink sector. Mark was previously Director of Sustainable Business at behaviour change agency Corporate Culture, and spent the first 8 years of his career in a variety of commercial roles at Procter and Gamble.

Mark has an MSc in Sustainable Development and Corporate Environmental Management and is a Chartered Waste Manager.

Jo Dyson

Head of Food

Meet the Team - Jo Dyson

The Food Team’s role is to engage with the food industry to source the food required by the charitable organisations who are our front line partners, supporting the FareShare vision that no good food goes to waste. We work across the whole food supply chain from farmers and producers through to distributors, retailers and food service companies. As well as working with our food partners to help reduce waste and identify suitable surplus food we manage the supply through to our network of Regional Centres. My role is to ensure that we do this as efficiently and effectively as we can as we scale up to manage ever increasing food volumes.

My background is in buying, category management, supply chain and logistics with major food retailers.

Working with an amazing team of people and seeing the growth and progress that FareShare is making in helping to ensure that no good food goes to waste
Having recently returned from a break in Sicily my current favourite has to be Melanzane parmigiana a delicious creamy aubergine dish!

Ashley Davies

Commercial Manager

Meet The Team: Ashley Davies, FareShare Commercial Manager (food)

Ashley is responsible for sourcing ambient food, including bakery, as well as managing existing relationships with food partners Samworth Brothers, Nestle and Associated British Foods.

Ashely joined FareShare in 2014, having spent almost five years in corporate fundraising at Comic Relief. Before switching to the third sector Ashley worked in the Food and Drink Industry, with positions at Tetley Tea, Johnson & Johnson (Benecol and Splenda) and Hovis, initially in purchasing then in commercial roles managing customers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

Michael Shields

Commercial Manager

Meet The Team: Michael Shields, FareShare Commercial Manager (food)

Michael manages our relationship with Tesco and is also the point of contact for existing and potential dairy partners. Michael works with the dairy industry to put their surplus food to good use and welcomes contact from processors and distributors that want to minimise their waste.

Adèle Fash

Commercial Manager

Adèle is a Commercial Manager in the Food team and responsible for sourcing fresh produce. Fruit and vegetables are in high demand by our network of charities and organisations that we support who look to use it to create fresh, nutrient dense meals or snacks. If your company are able to share your surplus produce, please get in contact.

Prior to FareShare, Adèle worked with the food industry, including the seafood and the tea sector, on sourcing, traceability and sustainability themes. Adèle is passionate about food and is known for her experimental gluten free creations!

Shula Granville

Commercial Manager

Shula has been working with FareShare for over 4 years, Shula is a Commercial Manager working in the Produce Category, supporting the produce industry in diverting their surplus food to be used for social good.

Samantha Lai

Commercial Officer

Headshot of Samantha Lai, Commercial Officer at FareShare UK

Sam is responsible for sourcing food and managing relationships with FareShare’s industry partners in the frozen foods, fish and foodservice sectors. Sam is always mapping out new ways and opportunities to get frozen food into the FareShare network.

Ruth Peacegood

Food Sourcing Coordinator

Meet The Team: Ruth Peacegood

Ruth is responsible for the team that organises all food deliveries from the 500 companies that work with FareShare, into the FareShare network. She is responsible for ensuring that the food gets to FareShare, at the right location, in time and in-date. Ruth is also responsible for transport and logistics, and works with logistics companies including Fowler Welch and Nagel Langdons to find quick and efficient ways to get surplus food to FareShare’s network of Regional Centres.

Prior to joining FareShare in 2014, Ruth studied Architecture, and likes to believe that’s where she developed a mind for planning!

Jake Barwood

Food Partner Support Officer

Jake’s role at FareShare is all about getting more fresh fruit and vegetables into the FareShare network. There is a great demand for fresh produce from our charities, which enable them to cook healthy meals from scratch.

Prior to joining FareShare, Jake studied Social Policy BSc, with a key focus on food deprivation and tackling food related inequalities. As part of his research, Jake volunteered with numerous food banks and food waste charities, including the Trussell Trust and Skipchen.

Jamie Parsons

Food Partner Support Officer

Meet the Team: Jamie

Jamie works with meat manufacturers to ensure that much needed protein surplus is distributed via FareShare to those who need it most. If you work for a food business that has surplus meat, then get in touch on [email protected] to find out what we can do to help!

Emma Brown

Food Partner Support Officer

Emma’s role involves working with food and beverage companies to bring in much needed ambient surplus products into FareShare. Prior to joining FareShare she worked as a Researcher and Developer in the food industry. She has a BSc in Food Science and Nutrition, is on the board for Fair Trade Wales and has volunteered in kitchens at various homeless support centres.