Our Work With Allied Bakeries

Allied Bakeries first partnered with FareShare in February 2016, after an introduction by Tesco at a supplier network event. The company wanted to find a way to make best use of their surplus bread, so that it could benefit vulnerable people.

The Opportunity

All of Allied’s bakeries’ have a certain amount of bread products that aren’t sold as intended due to fluctuations in supply and demand.

Originally, Allied Bakeries sold this surplus bread to animal feed. However, the company recognised that this bread could have far more social value if it was re-directed to people in need instead, and so working with FareShare was the perfect fit. The company also knew that using their surplus products to benefit vulnerable people within their local communities would be something that their employees would really get behind.

The Solution

In February 2016, after a period of consultation, FareShare and Allied Bakeries conducted a pilot redistribution scheme at the company’s Bournemouth depot. The depot was linked to their nearest FareShare Regional Centre in Southampton and deliveries of surplus bread were dropped off twice a week.

The pilot was very successful and so the process was rolled out to five of the company’s bakeries in Cardiff, Glasgow, Walthamstow, West Bromwich and Stockport during 2016 and 17. Each bakery is linked to their nearest FareShare Regional Centre, and drop-offs of surplus products are built into each bakery’s van delivery schedule.


Our partnership with Allied Bakeries means we have a regular delivery of good quality bread into our network of Regional Centres. In the first two years of the partnership, it has resulted in over 170 tonnes of production surplus bread being provided, enough to contribute towards over 400,000 meals.

FareShare’s key contact at Allied Bakeries is a strong advocate for FareShare and has presented to other Tesco suppliers to encourage more companies to come on board and do the right thing with their surplus food. As a core Tesco supplier, Allied Bakeries is proactively supporting Tesco’s commitment to reducing food waste and have adopted the Sustainable Development Goal Target 12.3, to halve food waste in their global operations by 2030 and to publish food waste data from within their operations.

Allied Bakeries employees have also volunteered at their nearest FareShare Regional Centre, to see how their food is used and help deliver it out to local charities.

After a visit to FareShare Greater Manchester, Carl Hampson, General Manager of Allied Bakeries Stockport Bakery said: “The visit was both enlightening and humbling – it really brought home how valuable these surplus bread donations are. Some of our great people are also looking into how they can volunteer their time and services to this great cause in our local communities.”

The company also supported FareShare’s partnership with StreetGames last summer, by increasing their donations of bread so that FareShare could meet the demand from the holiday hunger projects running across the summer holidays.

Head of Technical Operations & NPD at Allied Bakeries, Eva Wheeler said: “We are delighted with the growth of our partnership with FareShare. Being able to cut down on food waste and help people in need is a great thing to do and our range of bread and bakery snacks are proving really popular with people using FareShare’s services.”