Our Work With Barfoots

Barfoots of Botley have been working with FareShare since 2014 following an introduction to the organisation through a retailer event. After learning about FareShare’s surplus food redistribution model they realised they could work with us to divert their surplus produce while contributing to their food waste reduction targets and commitment to Courtauld 2030.

Barfoots provide much needed fresh produce to FareShare including loose or pre packed; sweet potato, squash, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, prepared vegetables and sometimes sweetcorn, rhubarb and CauliShoots™.

Initially a local relationship with FareShare Sussex, in 2020 Barfoots and FareShare identified opportunities to redistribute more imperfect or surplus food to FareShare’s warehouses across the UK. The company were able to embed a process across all of their packhouses to allow redistribution to FareShare on a weekly basis, providing charities and community groups with a broad mix of fresh produce.

Barfoots were also able to increase their support for FareShare, thanks to the FareShare Surplus with Purpose Fund, which enabled them to offset the additional overhead costs involved in repacking surplus produce for FareShare. The Surplus for Purpose Fund has also helped Barfoots reduce their on farm field waste for unsold crops, by helping to cover the costs to harvest UK grown produce for UK charities to use to feed people in the UK.

Previously Barfoots would have taken a business decision to send product to their Anerobic Digestion plant if the associated costs to prepare the surplus for other routes was too costly. The relationship with FareShare has been a shift in business culture whereby if they can send food to its intended purpose, to feed people, they will always aim to do this.

This approach has seen the relationship grow from strength to strength and Barfoots were able to continue to be a key supporter of FareShare during the Covid–19 pandemic and beyond, working with FareShare on a national scale.

Barfoots are proud of their work with FareShare and their employees feel good to be part of an organisation that supports the FareShare’s mission of fighting hunger and reducing food waste.