Our Work With General Mills

General Mills UK is recognised as one of FareShare’s leading supporters, having worked with us since 2013.

The Process

Even with the best stock management system, General Mills recognise that there will inevitably be a certain proportion of products with a short shelf life which cannot be sold to customers. To make best use of this surplus stock, General Mills have put a systematic process in place which ensures that when food cannot find a commercial outlet, it is redistributed to FareShare on a monthly basis.

Although embedding the process of charity food redistribution has been challenging, requiring the buy in and support from many internal departments, General Mills feel the initial effort has been thoroughly worthwhile to ensure that no good food goes to waste, and that it should be used to feed people first.


Through our partnership, FareShare receive surplus food from across the company’s portfolio brands, including Nature Valley, Old El Paso and Yoplait.

In 2016, General Mills provided enough surplus food to make 136,000 meals for vulnerable people. Since their partnership with FareShare began 3.5 years ago, the food they have supplied equates to over 250,000 meals.


As well as redistributing surplus stock to FareShare, General Mills also provide substantial funding. Through a partnership between the General Mills Foundation, The Global FoodBanking Network and FareShare, this funding has played a key strategic role in supporting FareShare’s development and growth. In 2015, our charity members and food provision grew by 30% compared to the previous year.

The funding is making a huge practical difference and has included the purchase of five new walk-in fridges to store chilled food at FareShare Regional Centres, including the new FareShare Lancashire and Cumbria. We have increased the capacity of FareShare London and FareShare West Midlands by using the funding to run two additional delivery vans so we can reach more charities.

The grant also provided the vital initial funding to develop the new and innovative FareShare FoodCloud that is linking charities to store level surplus across the Tesco estate.

Jonathan Bennett, Head of External Affairs – Northern Europe, General Mills explains: “General Mills are proud to partner with FareShare to ensure that our surplus products are used to feed people in need. One of our corporate goals is to strengthen communities by increasing food security, and our decision to redirect our surplus stock to FareShare, who then redistribute them to charities across the country, does just that. We are committed to putting our surplus to the best use possible, and now having embedded a monthly redistribution system with FareShare, means more of our products can be used to feed vulnerable people than ever before.”