We continue a full national operation to get food to vulnerable people during the Covid-19 crisis.

Our Work With Innocent

innocent and FareShare began working together in 1999 to ensure that surplus fruit juices and smoothies were distributed to vulnerable people across the UK rather than going to waste.

The Process

When innocent have extra drinks, they divert them immediately to FareShare, guaranteeing at least 8 days’ life. This allows FareShare more time to redistribute the juices and smoothies to charities and community groups across the country, ensuring there is as little waste as possible.

At the moment, innocent deliver the surplus juices and smoothies to 16 of FareShare’s Regional Centres located across the UK, finding their way to vulnerable people from Bristol all the way up to Edinburgh. These drinks directly benefit 2,233 charities and community groups, 24% of which are serving children, 18% serving people experiencing homelessness and 7% serving older people at centres such as lunch clubs.


Since our partnership began in 1999, innocent have provided the equivalent of over a million portions of fruit to FareShare (1999 – 2016).

Lindsay Boswell, CEO FareShare says: “innocent set a great example to the food and drink industry of how to ensure surplus food is put to good use. Not only do they give our network great product, they deliver their surplus to us, meaning we can concentrate our resources on getting deliveries out to the charities and community groups we work with. Over the course of our partnership, innocent have provided an amazing amount of great quality smoothies and fruit juice to those who really need it, and it’s a partnership we’d like to see grow and grow.”

Jessica Sansom, Head of Sustainability at innocent says: “innocent’s commitment is to leave things better than we find them. FareShare is a brilliant partner for us, as through their network, we are able to ensure that any excess stock makes it way to people who really need it rather than ended up as waste.

“This partnership has now delivered over 1 million portions of fruit into the hands of some of the most vulnerable people in the country. We feel incredibly proud to be working with such a dedicated organisation, and we look forward to growing our partnership with them in the coming years.”