Our Work With Kerry Foods

Kerry Foods started working with FareShare in November 2015, to redistribute surplus products that couldn’t be sold, so that they can be used to feed vulnerable people.

The Process

Initially Kerry Foods delivered surplus stock to FareShare Yorkshire and FareShare Greater Manchester only, as these were based near to their location to Arla Leeds, where they store the majority of their products, and they wanted to make as much difference as possible in their local community.

Kerry Foods has since expanded delivery, incorporating FareShare Merseyside (including its hub in the Wirral), FareShare Lancashire and Cumbria and FareShare East Midlands, increasing the reach and impact of their surplus provision to four of our Regional Centres in the North/North West.

In 2016, Kerry Foods received authorisation from Tesco to provide FareShare with Tesco own-label surplus. This helped to significantly increase the range and volume of surplus being redistributed by Kerry Foods. We hope that similar authorisations can be secured from Kerry Foods’ remaining retailer customers so that additional own-label surplus can be released to us.


In the first two years of our partnership, Kerry Foods provided enough surplus food to make over 320,000 meals for vulnerable people, and this is a number we all wish to see grow and grow.

The partnership with FareShare builds on Kerry Foods’ work in Ireland with Heart to Hand and is driven by Phil Cater, Supplier Partnership Manager, and the wider Supply Chain Planning & Logistics team, with support from Joe Dunne, Technical Director.

Phil Cater explains that: “Reducing waste across our business is an example of living our Better Together value and we constantly challenge ourselves to achieve more. It’s the human story behind getting to grips with food waste that really brings the issue to the forefront and shows what a difference we can make if we work together. Partnering with FareShare not only ensures that the food doesn’t go to waste but that it serves an even higher purpose in bringing the community together.”

Joe Dunne, Technical Director at Kerry Foods: “What a great way to support our communities, reduce our environmental impact and build stronger relationships with our customers. Well done to the Supply Chain Planning & Logistics team; without their hard work this fantastic initiative would not be possible.”

Lindsay Boswell, FareShare CEO says: “Kerry Foods has put in place a really effective process for identifying surplus edible food and ensuring timely delivery to our Regional Centres in the North West. Since deliveries started in November 2015, Kerry Foods has shown impressive commitment to developing our work together and ensuring as much good food as possible goes to feed people in need.”