Our Work With Produce World

Produce World, a grower and supplier high quality fresh vegetables, started exploring the benefits of working with FareShare in 2013.

The Process

Historically, surplus vegetables from across Produce World had been sent to stock feed, Anaerobic Digestion or ploughed back into the ground if outside of strict customer specification.

To put this perfectly edible produce to better use, Produce World started regularly supplying FareShare with surplus organic carrots from its site at Yaxley near Peterborough in 2013. Receiving a regular supply of nutritional products creates fantastic benefits for the charities and community groups that FareShare supports, helping to provide nutritious, healthy meals to those who are vulnerable and otherwise might not have access to fresh vegetables.

As our partnership developed, additional produce including parsnips and onions are also now provided to FareShare when surplus becomes available. And more recently, FareShare receives a regular supply of surplus potatoes from Produce World’s site at Sutton Bridge.

Guy Thallon, Head of Research, Development and Innovation at Produce World said: “We at Produce World agree that food waste is morally repugnant. It has serious economic and environmental problems too. As an industry we need to recognise that we have a problem here.”


In the four years since our partnership began (2013 – 2016), Produce World have supplied surplus vegetables equivalent to providing 800,000 meals for the charities that FareShare supports.

Guy explains the many benefits of working with FareShare, in particular: “the forensic focus that it’s given us by looking at the percentage of products not being put into our food chain. The benefits to our business are so significant. Working with FareShare has made us focus on what’s really important in terms of business, waste and efficiency and has really improved our performance. And on top of all that, it’s really engaged our employees and our growers.”

Read more about Produce World at www.produceworld.co.uk

The Produce World Group grows and supplies high quality fresh vegetables. It operates from several sites across the Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire areas and supplies major retailers and other non-retail customers across the UK. It supplies conventional root vegetables such as carrots and parsnips, onions and potatoes, and is a leader in the organic vegetable sector.