Our Work With Thanet Earth

Since 2013, fresh surplus tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers have been making their way to FareShare from the UK’s largest greenhouses at Thanet Earth in Kent.

Surplus tomatoes from Thanet Earth

The Process

The business grows its produce with supermarkets as their intended customer, but when spare product becomes available and it’s perfectly good for eating they offer it to FareShare. We then redistribute it to charities across the UK that transform it into nutritious meals for people in need.

There are four high-tech greenhouses at Thanet Earth so far. Two grow tomatoes, with one each for peppers and cucumbers. Tomatoes are grown all year round, with growlights used in the winter months to help compensate for the shorter daylight hours. Cucumbers are harvested from January to November, and pepper production begins each March.


In the four years since our partnership began (2013 – 2016), Thanet Earth have provided enough surplus products to FareShare to make over 510,000 meals for vulnerable people across the country.

Steve Hatt Marketing Co-ordinator at Thanet Earth says:
“We pride ourselves on our environmentally-friendly growing methods and we have extended this responsibility to how we manage our ‘food waste’. The team at Thanet Earth has adopted a phrase that’s helping embed a ‘no waste’ culture in the business, and to help people value the products they grow and pack a little more. With its own logo now in operation, Good Food Not Waste has become a way of working at Thanet Earth, with staff really proud to be a part of the Fareshare supply network.”

Read more about Thanet Earth at www.thanetearth.com