We continue a full national operation to get food to vulnerable people during the Covid-19 crisis.

Core Project Merseyside: A small project with a huge impact

19 February 2021

Core Project is a self-funded community organisation set up to fight food poverty. They have been working with FareShare Merseyside to tackle hunger in the Birkenhead area since their establishment almost 2 years ago.

The versatile project has been supplying food to school children during summer breaks, families in need of support and local hostels housing people in need as well as running events and community dinners for the local community. They are particularly mindful of vulnerable individuals in the area offering hot meals, hygiene products and other essentials such as sleeping bags. Before the lockdown they did everything from hosting hot lunches, breakfast clubs, BBQ’s, local events, Sunday dinners and afternoon teas.

Since the COVID19 outbreak the Core Project have adapted their service to ensure the people they support on a regular basis continue to receive the provisions they need. Many people in the area depend on services run by the Core Project such as their social supermarket, hosted on a Wednesday and Friday each week which allows people to choose from essential foods like bread, beans, cereals and fruit and vegetables supplied by FareShare.

The centre has been forced to close due to the coronavirus outbreak but volunteer Debbie Sferrazza has been working closely with FareShare Merseyside to provide emergency relief, ensuring food supplies are maintained. Debbie and the team have been working to contribute to community resilience in addition to food provision, providing activity packs for children forced to stay at home and remaining in contact with the people and personalities they have come to know so well. “We are sending out about 40 hampers a day at the moment but overall through the crisis we have delivered around 4,000 hampers.”

Core Project is a small project with a huge impact and the resilience they are keen to promote in the area is reflected in the work being done by their passionate team of local volunteers. “Our volunteers are absolutely amazing and love what they do but also realise the necessity of this work for the people they support”.

Debbie shared a story which highlighted the reality of the situation for some people as well as highlighting the lifeline they have had to become to some families during the crisis. “One young lady we support at the centre has 6 children, 2 of whom had COVID symptoms, forcing her into isolation for 12 weeks. She was unable to get to a store and delivery slots were booked out. She told us she didn’t have enough food to make a meal so we delivered a hamper directly to her home. She called us later crying and told us how grateful she was.” Debbie continued “It’s very hard when you see children excited about the delivery of a lunch pack and juice box, something that should be a given”.

Discussing the impact of FareShares food, Debbie said “We are a small organisation and couldn’t get COVID funding so the food from FareShare has ensured that we continue to operate.”

The importance of community groups like the Core Project cannot be understated at a time like this and we are proud to support them in the amazing work that they do.