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Father-son volunteering

5 December 2017

Enthused by his experiences, Fabrice encouraged his son, Ambroise, who is sixteen, to also volunteer at FareShare.


In honour of Father’s Day, we want to celebrate a father-son volunteering duo at FareShare London.

Fabrice and his family moved to London from France eight months ago. He hoped to find something meaningful to do while here and noticed how important volunteering is to the culture of the UK. He heard about FareShare, and signed up for a day in the warehouse. This was an opportunity for him to get out of the house, meet people, and practice his English.

“It was also a way for me to help other people and speak with people who are not always thinking the way I’m thinking, and who are not living the way I’m living,” Fabrice said.

He also loved how FareShare allows volunteers to get involved immediately.

Enthused by his experiences, Fabrice encouraged his son, Ambroise, who is sixteen, to also volunteer at FareShare.

“I want him to be part of this adventure,” Fabrice said. I want him to do volunteering, I think it’s very important. It’s a part of the education I want to give to my children.”

Fabrice and Ambroise spent a day volunteering together – Ambroise said he had fun being with his Dad and delivering food to charities.

He also said he is thankful to his Dad for introducing him to FareShare.

“I want to help someone, I want to be useful. FareShare is a good charity to do that, because you can really participate,” he said.

He added that he wanted to volunteer at FareShare because he liked the simple idea of making use of good food that would otherwise be wasted.

While both father and son plan to continue contributing time in the warehouse, they are currently volunteering for the FareShare marketing team. Fabrice is lending his marketing and tech skills, while Ambroise is doing research.

“I want my son to do volunteering because all the values I want him to share,” Fabrice said. “I want him to have the value of giving time, and the value of community. And I think FareShare has those things.”


About warehouse volunteering

  • Sort through surplus food in our warehouse and ensure its quality and safety.
  • Organise food into orders for our charity members.
  • Perfect if you are looking for a practical activity, looking to gain experience or just want to make a difference in your community.
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