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Football coach and dad is running 5 miles a day for one whole year

11 March 2021

A challenge inspired by the Marcus documentary

Dad of two Paul Green, from Manchester, has taken on the impressive feat of running 5 miles a day throughout 2021. He was inspired to take on the fundraising challenge for FareShare after watching the BBC documentary Marcus Rashford: Feeding Britain’s Children with his two kids.

Paul Green said: “We watched the documentary just before Christmas. My kids were 11 and 7 at the time. It was an eye-opener to think of all the work Marcus had done. The work they were doing felt close to home. It inspired us to do something.”

Helping kids stay active in lockdown

Paul is a football coach for Denton Youth Under 8s. To start with, his two children were joining him on the runs. Now, children from the local school and the players he coaches are taking part too. Running all or part of the 5 miles with Paul has become a great opportunity for children to stay active and complete a fitness challenge set by their school, all while maintaining social distancing.

So far, Paul has already raised more than £1,000. He has been getting the word out in the local community by posting on social media platforms, as well as WhatsApp, and talking to the parents of children running with him. He also shares his progress on Strava and writes a mini-blog post to update people every week.

Take every day as it comes

There are many more months of running ahead for Paul. Already, he has had to brave ice and snow along the way. He plans to take every day as it comes and has a handy tip for other people taking on a similar challenge.

“Take every day as an individual day. You don’t wake up on Jan 1st and think I’ve got to work all year. If you do it day by day, when you break it down, it’s much more doable. Get other people involved too. The more support and company you have, the easier it becomes.”

Thank you to Paul for taking on such a big challenge for FareShare. You can donate on Paul’s JustGiving page here.