Diversity and Equality statement

15 June 2020

FareShare diverts good quality surplus food to front line charity and community groups that provide a safety net for those who are most vulnerable in our society. Food poverty disproportionately impacts the black, Asian and ethnic minority community and so, while we are a food waste charity, as an organisation we can and must go much further to address the issues facing these communities that are within our control and influence. As Chief Executive I realise there is so much more I and the whole organisation need to tackle internally to progress. I have set in motion a process to work with all our people to identify the precise steps we need to take and then to take them. Here and now there are two initial steps:

Firstly, I have signed up to the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations 8 leadership principles to address diversity deficit in charity leadership

These principles are part of the Racial Diversity in the Charity Sector report, done in collaboration with the Institute of Fundraising.

As a leader I will:

  1. Acknowledge that there is a problem with racial diversity in the charity sector and commit to working to change that.
  2. Recognise the important role leaders have in creating change by modelling positive behaviour and taking action.
  3. Learn about racial bias and how it impacts leadership decisions.
  4. Commit to setting permanent and minimum targets for diversity that reflects the participants, donors, beneficiaries and the population of the area that my charity operates in.
  5. Commit to action and invest resources, where necessary, in order to improve racial diversity in my charity.
  6. View staff as the sum of many parts rather than a single entity and recruit to build a diverse group of talented people collectively working towards a shared vision.
  7. Recruit for potential, not perfection.
  8. Value lived experience, the ability to draw from one’s lived experience and to bring insights to an organisation that can develop its work.

Secondly, we are carrying out a wide-reaching review of the organisations performance and internal processes and this review will be carried out by a team from across our employees to ensure that all views and opinions are heard and, where appropriate, acted upon.

Lindsay Boswell