How Nestlé cereals is helping FareShare provide much needed breakfasts

21 September 2021

An important partnership between Nestlé Cereals and FareShare has achieved a new charitable milestone - one year working together to distribute breakfast cereals and helping to ensure that people most at risk of hunger have access to much needed breakfasts - two thirds of which are children from low-income families.

“We know that having access to a nutritious breakfast plays a huge part in people’s - particularly children’s - long-term health and happiness and are pleased that the products we have provided are playing a part in ensuring this.

“Our staff are over the moon at the prospect of becoming part of the FareShare journey with our new volunteering programme too, which we hope will make a positive difference to our local communities.”

Gharry Eccles, Vice President UK & Oceania, Cereal Partners Worldwide (Nestlé & General Mills)

The cereal company began working with FareShare to distribute its family favourite breakfast cereals to those in need when the pandemic hit - a critical time due to the increasing numbers of people facing hardship – and is celebrating its one-year anniversary of working in partnership together. The products provided throughout the year have helped ensure thousands of people have a tasty meal and are not beginning the day with an empty stomach.

Over the course of July and August, the business provided cereal to the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Alliance via FareShare. The HAF Alliance is a new coalition of 16 not-for-profits - including FareShare – formed to support the government’s £220m HAF programme, which is providing free holiday clubs, food and activities to the UK’s most disadvantaged children during the summer holidays this year.

Lindsay Boswell, CEO, FareShare, commented: “It has been excellent to partner with Nestlé Cereals over the course of the year to help vulnerable families and individuals access much needed food in the morning. This last year has been challenging for many families in the UK who have been impacted by the pandemic, and school holidays can be particularly difficult because of the increased costs of food and childcare, reduced incomes and the lack of free healthy school meals. The latest donation to the HAF Alliance will get much needed food onto the plates of the most vulnerable this summer, and we look forward to continuing to work together.”

In addition to product donations, as part of its commitment to helping local communities, Nestlé Cereals also has plans to implement a new, internal volunteering programme that will see staff support FareShare in their warehouses.