World Chocolate Day | FareShare UK


4 July 2019

It’s World Chocolate Day this weekend, and although we are all about fresh produce and healthy eating at FareShare, we know that a little treat once in a while can benefit everyone.
We went exploring around the warehouse to find out what chocolate treats we have available for our charity partners.

From chocolate cake to chocolate brownies, we’ve got some tasty treats that everyone can enjoy.

Here's some recipe ideas to make chocolatey treats this World Chocolate Day, using the same food we have here at FareShare.

FareShare food: Chocolate mousse
Recipe idea: Raspberry chocolate mousse cake (Recipe from BBC Good Food)


FareShare food: Bananas
Recipe idea: Banana Split (Recipe from


FareShare food: Fresh Strawberries
Recipe idea: Chocolate covered strawberries - 25 ways! (Recipe from


Are you a business that could give any surplus food to FareShare? We receive food from across the UK and redistribute it to over 10,900 charities that make it into nutritious meals or snacks just like these. If you can help, or know of someone else who could — get in touch with the FareShare food team.