We continue a full national operation to get food to vulnerable people during the Covid-19 crisis.

Product Giving Alliance supports up to 16,700 charities through pandemic – urging businesses to commit to goods and service donation long term

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7 August 2020

Product Giving Alliance supports up to 16,700 charities during the pandemic and urges businesses to commit to goods and service donation for the long term

Launched in May 2020, the Product Giving Alliance unites four charities, Charity Digital, FareShare, In Kind Direct and International Health Partners, to make supporting communities the easy option for companies, manufacturers and retailers. As Covid-19 took hold across the world, the Alliance has provided digital support and training, food, essential consumer goods and medical supplies worth almost £60m to charities in the UK and overseas already this year.

The Product Giving Alliance provides a single solution for any business wanting to use their goods and services to benefit society. First convened by In Kind Direct, together, Alliance members have provided digital support to 175,000 charity professionals, 36m meals, 3.5m medical treatments, and 5.9m handwashes since March.

Donations of food, medical supplies, hygiene and cleaning products, software and specialist support have never been more in demand for frontline charities. Research by Alliance members indicates this need will remain high in the aftermath of the crisis, when more people will face financial hardship, and charities will be under increased strain. The crisis has redefined “vulnerable” for many, and people will struggle this summer to manage tighter household budgets and keep loved ones safe, fed and connected. The need for charities and the practical support they provide has never been greater.

The Product Giving Alliance is formed of:

  • Charity Digital, the UK’s only discounted and donated software platform which provides software services, telecoms, PC hardware and accessories to charities
  • FareShare, the UK’s largest food redistribution charity, which supplies over 11,000 charities with surplus food from the food industry
  • In Kind Direct, the leading UK charity providing life’s essentials including toiletries, cleaning products, clothes, toys and office supplies to charities working in the UK and overseas
  • International Health Partners (IHP), which distributes donated medicines and health supplies to disaster hit and vulnerable communities worldwide

The Alliance exists to meet the needs of the voluntary sector, both during the coronavirus pandemic and in the longer term. It gives businesses confidence their donations will deliver measurable impact, incentivise staff, and bring environmental benefits including reducing waste.

The Alliance will hold its first virtual event in September, to lift the lid on the benefits for businesses, and the positive impact for communities when the corporate and charity sectors work together.

Alliance members are calling on businesses to make donating goods and services a key part of their sustainable development and recovery strategies:
“Donations of every type of product and service will help the charity sector weather this storm by saving money and providing essential supplies to those that really need them. We have made 280 connections with companies and are grateful for their support this year, recognising the benefits giving brings for everyone involved.
For those families, households and individuals that have struggled to access food, toiletries, medicine or technology during lockdown, the continued work of the thousands of charities the Product Giving Alliance supports is vital. We make donating easy for companies, as well as giving them the confidence that their stock can achieve real impact. We encourage more businesses to see what is possible and step up however they can.”

Jonathan Chevalier, Charity Digital CEO
Lindsay Boswell, FareShare CEO
Rosanne Gray, In Kind Direct CEO
Adele Paterson, International Health Partners CEO


Contact: James Persad, Head of Marketing and Engagement, FareShare, [email protected], 07498 608596

About Charity Digital

Charity Digital helps other organisations #BeMoreDigital through daily content, weekly events and the UK’s only discounted and donated software platform. We have helped over 50,000 charities save nearly £260 million on their software purchases to date and supported thousands more on their digital journey with our inspiring and educational articles, webinars, podcasts, videos and events. Find out more at www.charitydigital.org.uk.

About FareShare

FareShare is the UK’s national network of charitable food redistributors, made up of 17 independent organisations. Together, we take good quality surplus food from right across the food industry and get it to almost 11,000 frontline charities and community groups.

The food we redistribute is nutritious, in-date and good to eat. It reaches charities across the UK, including school breakfast clubs, older people’s lunch clubs, homeless shelters, and community cafes. Every week we provide enough food to create over a million meals for vulnerable people. Visit www.fareshare.org.uk.


  • Last year we saved 24,074 tonnes of food from waste
  • We provided enough food for 57,320,956 meals (that’s over a million meals for vulnerable people every week)
  • We supported 10,962 charities and community groups
  • The food we supplied enabled the charity sector to make £14,120,198 million in savings
  • We have 25 warehouses across the country, and deliver food to over 1,900 towns and cities
  • We get food from 500 food companies right across the food supply chain
  • We saved 91,482,416 kg of carbon

About In Kind Direct

In Kind Direct is the leading charity distributing consumer goods which have been donated by companies, to UK charities supporting the most vulnerable people both here and overseas. Founded in 1996 by HRH The Prince of Wales, In Kind Direct believes that everyone deserves access to life's essentials and that no usable product should go to waste. To date, over £249m of products have been donated by 1,200 manufacturers and retailers to more than 10,500 charitable organisations. In Kind Direct works with a huge range of charity partners, including Age UK, Women’s Aid, community groups, food banks and schools. Together, this network reaches around 7.7 million people each year, all of whom will be touched by the current crisis.

In Kind Direct provides a single contact point for companies to donate usable consumer goods such as toiletries, cleaning and laundry products, clothes and toys to the communities that really need them. The charity works with some of the best-known UK and international companies, including P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, Kimberly-Clark, Disney and Amazon. For more information about donating goods or joining for free as a charitable organisation, go to www.inkinddirect.org.

Support during the Covid-19 pandemic

In Kind Direct has experienced unprecedented demand throughout the current crisis, helping to get essential supplies to charity partners on the frontline, supporting the NHS by enabling people to self-isolate. 74% of In Kind Direct’s charity network use the service to simply stay operational during normal times, and the ongoing mental health and wellbeing of those they support is a key concern. With many charities struggling financially, seeing increased demand for support and adapting their services, the need is set to remain greater now than ever before.

About International Health Partners

International Health Partners is based on a simple idea: supply and demand.

Healthcare companies have products they want to donate. Healthcare professionals, charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) want to use products to help people in vulnerable and disaster-hit communities.

Working with a network of healthcare companies across the globe, we organise, co-ordinate and move donations of medicines and health supplies. At the same time, we work closely with our NGO partners to identify what they need, and to supply them with donations in an effective, safe and responsible way.

These donations facilitate humanitarian work in some of the world’s poorest and most challenging places, including Gaza, Haiti, Iraq, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Yemen, where people lack access to basic healthcare.

In the last three years we have sent over 8.6 million treatments to more than 63 countries around the world. Find out more at www.ihpuk.org.