FareShare’s food redistribution work goes primetime

10 November 2015

Unity kids-BBC

10 November 2015

Thanks to Hugh’s War on Waste on BBC1, FareShare’s no longer the charity sector’s best kept secret!

Fareshare’s CEO Lindsay Boswell, our fab driver Dave in our Merseyside centre and charity member The Unity in Liverpool were all featured in part 2 of Hugh’s War on Waste programme (10 Nov 2015).

Millions of people saw how we redistribute good surplus food from retailers and suppliers and deliver it to over 2,100 UK charities and community organisations – and they have responded in kind, by crashing our website looking for more information!

Lindsay told Hugh: “Although we’re providing 150,000 meals a week, and we’re saving over 2,000 charities nearly £20 million a year, that’s only 2% of the surplus food in the UK, so our real message to the food industry is we want to go from 2% to 25%. We know we’ve got the volunteers because people hate waste, we know we’ve got the infrastructure- what we need is more food for more charities.”

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Hugh visits The Unity Youth Centre

Hugh also went out on the delivery van with Dave, to visit a Toxteth charity, The Unity (pictured above), which serves up lovely hot meals to around 40 young people every weekday. Craig, who prepares the meals, said: “A lot of the kids come straight from school. This is the biggest meal they’ll have, and I want to make sure it’s nice and wholesome.”

“Food that can be eaten by human beings should be eaten by human beings” – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Hugh finished the segment by saying: “It’s been really good to see a positive side to the waste story today, seeing FareShare actually reducing the amount of food that’s going to waste by doing something really useful with it, and then coming here [The Unity] at the end of the day and seeing a bunch of kids getting a fantastic meal from food that would otherwise be thrown away – well, it makes you realise that all the retailers and all their suppliers really have to commit to an incredibly important principle – that food that can be eaten by human beings should be eaten by human beings.”

We’ve been inundated with kind words and good wishes from supporters, old and new. For more information – for food companies wanting to give food, individuals wanting to volunteer or anyone wanting to support us in other ways, you’ll find all you need here – http://fareshare.org.uk/get-involved/ and you can watch the programme again on iPlayer.

Picture courtesy BBC