Did you know that at least 250,000 tonnes of good food that is fit for human consumption is wasted in the UK every year? This is enough to provide nearly 600 million meals, every year. Surplus food happens for simple reasons such as over-production, a glut of seasonal stock or simply a short shelf life.  It is not leftovers, or food past its Best Before date. FareShare redistributes this healthy, nutritious and #GoodFood to feed more than 924,325 people every week through our network of 10,943 charity partners.

Peppers, bananas, flavoured yogurts, eggs, chicken breasts and hummus are just some of the examples of surplus #GoodFood you can find at a FareShare warehouse. You might also find goat’s milk, pancakes, chocolate ice cream, smoked salmon, celtuces and even caviar on occasion!

#GoodFoodDoesGood in so many ways. It not only enables our 10,943 charities to provide a hot meal to their beneficiaries, but can improve people’s physical and mental health, their wellbeing, their employment prospects, and a range of other positive outcomes.

Join us and celebrate how #GoodFoodDoesGood in your community. Tell us your story on email at [email protected] or share a tweet with us @FareShareUK




Read stories about how #GoodFoodDoesGood

22 October 2018

Ann Bernadt Nursery, London

Helen Dabreu is the chef at Anne Bernadt nursery in Peckham, and she’s passionate about great food. She cooks free lunch for 40 children a day.


1 September 2017

5 minutes with FirstBite Community Food Project

Mary from FirstBite Community Food Project shares how they use surplus food in their cooking workshops and community cafe.


27 February 2018

Millman Street Community Centre

Millman Street Community Centre in Holborn, London is a lunch and social club for older people. Each day, around 20 service users relax in a friendly environment and take part in a range of activities for all abilities and interests.