Our Work With Fowler Welch

Fowler Welch teamed up with FareShare in 2016 to lend their supply chain expertise to FareShare and help distribute surplus food that becomes available at manufacturing sites, so that it can be used by charities to provide meals for vulnerable people.

FareShare volunteers in a vanThe Opportunity

Fowler Welch bridge the gap between food manufacturers and retailers through providing supply chain and logistics expertise. We want to make it as easy as possible for food businesses to work with FareShare, whilst also working in an environmentally sensitive way and minimising the number of additional trucks on the road. We can do this by making use of spare capacity on existing vehicles, in order to collect surplus stock from food suppliers at the same time as their regular collections take place.

Food businesses often want to do the right thing with their surplus food but don’t know where to start, with limited time to find someone who can use the food, and then experiencing difficulties getting the stock to them within a short timeframe. Fowler Welch are aware that, on occasion, their customers might sometimes end up with food products they can’t sell to their usual market. There are a number of reasons why this could happen including date life, forecasting discrepancies, manufacturing / packaging issues etc.. This often results in the disposal of product because of the lack of viable alternatives.

The Solution

To provide a solution, Fowler Welch have teamed up with FareShare and now offer a great alternative option. One that saves money, generates social good, and increases efficiencies for everyone by making use of existing collections and deliveries to transport their customer’s surplus stock to FareShare, who can then, in turn, redistribute it to charities feeding people in need. This has worked really well for the food businesses involved and, in doing so, Fowler Welch have created added value for their customers.

Nick Hay, CEO of Fowler Welch explains: “No matter how efficient your business, food waste occurs for a range of reasons. Many companies are eager to help make a difference but may need some help to get their surplus food to the people who need it, so we are using our logistical expertise to help solve this problem.

“By offering our logistics services to FareShare, we can support businesses to reduce their food waste and help some of the 8.4million people in the UK who struggle to put enough food on the table*. Collections will happen at the same time as their usual service and their surplus food, which might otherwise to go waste, will then be delivered to FareShare, to provide a lifeline for disadvantaged people.”

Benefits to Food Businesses

Kerrie Mahon of Higgidy, one of the first businesses to sign up to the Fowler Welch – FareShare scheme says, “We donate surplus items to FareShare on a regular basis and occasionally find ourselves in possession of more stock than our nearest FareShare Regional Centre can accommodate in our local area. With Fowler Welch’s input into the consolidation scheme, it makes the whole process a lot simpler as they can transport the stock to all 20 FareShare sites, so we will most definitely make more use of this service from now on.”

Nathalie Vieria from Berretta says, FareShare and Fowler Welch are helping us to give away perfectly useable stock of premium products, which we would normally have to pay to dispose of. This is a fantastic initiative and the team at Fowler Welch are making the process so simple, we can turn things around with an email. I really wish it had been available to us earlier. We will no longer pay to dispose of our products, and will at the same time will be giving premium products to people in need, a win win initiative we are proud to be part of.”

Kim Burgess, Head of Markets at Addo Food Group says, “We are delighted to be working with FareShare and partnering with them on an incredibly worthwhile initiative. As one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers we believe it’s important to be supporting local communities and good causes where possible. The partnership has got off to a great start but we’re looking forward to moving ahead with it and hopefully encouraging other businesses to do the same.”

Benefits to FareShare

A year after our partnership began, 18 new food businesses have signed up to the scheme which has resulted in Fowler Welch transporting enough surplus food to provide over 1 million meals for people in need. The potential is huge if more food businesses come on board and follow suit.

In May 2017, Fowler Welch also named FareShare as their Charity of the Year. The partnership will see Fowler Welch employees raise money and awareness for FareShare – every £1 raised will mean we can redistribute enough food for four meals for people in need.